Application for temporary non-profit residence authorization is made in two phases. First, the person must apply for the visa at the Spanish Consulate in his country of origin or in the country where he resides legally and then, once granted the visa, the foreigner must enter Spanish territory and process the Temporary non-profit residence in the Foreign Office or the corresponding police station.

Below we detail each of the steps to follow, developing, first, the processing of the visa application and then passing the application for the residence card, once the foreigner is in our country.

What is a non-profit temporary residence permit?

It is an authorization that allows residing in Spain temporarily without the need to carry out work or professional activities.

How do I apply?

The foreigner must apply for the visa personally in the Spanish Consulate in his country of origin or in the country in which he has legal residence.

What requirements must be fulfilled for the granting of such authorization?

- You must not be a citizen of a State of the European Union, of the European Economic Area or of Switzerland, or family of nationals of these countries to whom the Union citizen's regime applies

- Should not be in Spain in an irregular way

-Have no criminal record

-You must have sufficient financial means to meet your living expenses and stay and, if applicable, those of your family for the time you wish to reside in Spain. These amounts are detailed below.

- Public or private health insurance with coverage in Spain (for each applicant).

-The foreigner who requested the voluntary return must not be within the period of commitment of no return to Spain.

-He must not suffer any disease that could be a risk to public health.

What does it mean to have sufficient financial means to meet the expenses of maintenance and stay in Spain?

Foreigners wishing to reside in Spain without having to work must have sufficient financial means or to accredit a source of periodic income collection for themselves and, if applicable, for their family.

Sufficient economic means are based on the following amounts:

- The applicant must prove that he/she receives a monthly € 2,130

- If you also have dependents you must prove that you have a monthly for each of the family € 532.51

How long does it take to resolve the visa application for a non-profit temporary residence?

Once the application for the visa has been submitted to the Spanish Consulate, it will be resolved within a maximum period of one month. If it is not resolved in that time it will be understood that it is unfavorable.

What should be done once the visa has been approved?

Once notified to the applicant the granting of the visa must collect personally in the Consular Office within a maximum period of one month, otherwise it will be understood that he / she waives it. It will have a validity of three months, term in which the person must enter the Spanish territory.

What to do once you have entered Spain?

The foreigner must apply to the Foreign Identity Card (TIE) within a maximum of one month to the Foreign Office or to the police station that corresponds to you by domicile.

How long is this type of authorization valid?

It will have duration of one year that will start counting from the date of the entry into Spain.

How can renew temporary non-profit residence authorization be renewed?

The foreigner must request the renewal during the previous 60 days and 90 days after the expiration date of the validity of his authorization. In order for your renewal application to be resolved in a favorable manner, the person must demonstrate that he/she continues to comply with the requirements established for the initial obtaining of the authorization. In addition, applicant must prove that he/she has remained in Spain for a minimum 183 days in the year and in case has minor children in charge, of compulsory school age, he/she must also prove the schooling of the same during the stay.


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