What is NIE?

NIE stands for "Foreigner Identification Number". Foreigners who, due to their economic, professional or social interests, are related to Spain, will be endowed, for identification purposes, with a personal, unique and exclusive number of a sequential nature. The personal number will be the foreigner's identifier, which will appear when you have authorization to remain in Spain and in all the documents that are issued or processed.


Why do I need a NIE?   

The NIE is necessary in Spain for foreigners including EU citizens who intend to:

1.- Buy or sell a property.

2.- Constitute a company.

3.- Register in the Social Security.

4.- Be self-employed (Autonomous)

5.-Pay taxes in general.


7.- Open a bank account.

8.-Take out the driving license.

9.- Buy or sell a vehicle.

10.-Rent a real estate (home, commercial premises, offices, etc.)

11.- Hire insurance of all kinds.

12.-Contract public services (water and electricity)

13.- Acceptance of inheritance.

There is a confusion between the NIE (foreign identification number) and the TIE (foreign identification card). The NIE is no more than a number and is issued in the form of a document of a certificate while the TIE is an identity card that shows that the non-EU foreigner resides legally temporarily or permanently in Spain. The NIE does not grant a visa or a residence permit. However, it is one of the requirements for foreigners wishing to reside in Spain. The NIE is valid indefinitely and does not require renewal. The fastest way to get your NIE is to contact our office M&S Molina Abogados. We will assist you on how to process your NIE as soon as possible.


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